OnFoot smart masks are  the only REUSABLE mask with patented Copptech technology. It is composed with a combined solution of copper and zinc with biocidal properties that applied to our smart mask eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic organisms in a few hours.

Through research that has been patented, we have shown that combining active ingredients such as copper and zinc, we can deliver a biocidal action eliminating 99.9% of fungi and bacteria.

Copptech’s active ingredients are released upon contact with moisture generating a rupture in the membrane of the pathogenic microorganism cells. This action creates a hostile environment for bacteria, generating all kind of vital misfunctions. Staring with a rupture of the cellular membrane, affecting vital enzymatic processes of the molecule and the process of cellular respiration, having a loss of nutrients and finally ending with the elimination of the microorganism.

Thanks to this innovation, the smart mask eliminates and kills microorganisms from the contact surfaces, creating a protective barrier between sources of infection and people.mask

It is reusable and can be machine washed 20 times keeping all its properties. 

IT IS A HEALTHY MASK, because it is composed of zinc that has beneficial properties for the skin: it repairs small wounds, reduces dermatitis, fights acne, improves circulation and prevents our face from being irritated by prolonged use of the mask.


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