NOOAN Huka Socks


Nooan Huka - NZ Possum Merino socks are famous for being soft and warm because its fibres have hollow core pockets, which can trap and retain more warmth compared to other fibres.

We make them even warmer by doubling their thickness and adding specially designed mid sole to give you extra warmth, protection and comfort for a happier winter.  This is why Huka possum merino collection always wins a "WOW" when people put them on.

Huka NZ possum merino socks are much heavier than Hamilton, Dunedin and Napier, and perfect for outdoor and winter boots, or just wearing in house during cold nights. 

Nooan socks are easy to care for. Our possum merino wool socks can be machine washed and tumble dried.  The socks will shrink a bit after tumble drying but won't impact fitting.  It will instantly stretch back to its original size once you wear it!

Content: 57% NZ ZQ merino wool, 22% DH possum, 12% nylon, 9% spandex

Weight: 70g

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